Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is an activity part of life for many users. Betting shops have developed in a fast pace, with a few major networks controlling the betting market. However the use of betting shops have certain disadvantages: the location factor (you need to walk / drive to the betting shop to place a bet or cash your winnings), taxes and fees in your winnings (these vary from one country to another, based on local legislation).

So how can bet in more favorable conditions? In recent years, with the momentum of street betting agencies have appeared first online sports betting providers. Today users from around the world have access to top online sports betting websites that support their services in most languages.

Advantages: The offers from these online sports betting agents were completely localized so that Romanian customers can easily find local and international sport events they want to gamble. Websites for these online betting agents were also translated into Romanian, and customer support is offered throughout the Romanian language. To further facilitate access to customers in Romania, most agencies provide RON currency (Romanian New Lei) as a betting option.

And if these are not enough, it should be noted that with online betting agencies you can bet from the comfort of your home (you need just a computer with internet access), the minimum bet can be only 0.5 RON (10 cents), no fees are applied & taxes are not levied directly on earnings. No matter how much you win, you will receive the exactly same amount in you account! We can easily add a host of other advantages such as diversity of betting markets (1x2, under / over, winners, qualifiers, goal scorers, number of goals, Asian Handicap, etc.) and real-time live betting.

Online guide for beginner bettor: Definitely you are already thinking of betting on the internet, therefore we have prepared a complete guide to help you begin: list of recommended online bookmakers, how we deposit money, how we receive the registration bonus, how we bet and how to withdraw the winnings.

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