How to Bet Online

Once you decided on your betting agency with which you want to bet, it's better to go through below lines to learn how you can play online and what are the differences from the street betting shops.

First you need to open your player account at the website that you want to bet (you can open accounts with every website, but you can not have multiple accounts at the same website).

You must deposit money in your newly opened account that you can use to place bets. More helpful information can be found on the online deposits page. Online bookmakers offer a rich offer of bets to choose from. First, select the sport, then the league you want to bet and then the match.

Type of bets, you will find bets that you are already used with, the 1X2 or 12 types. These types of bets are added a host of other bets you'll find specifically online. Thus, you will Under / Over bet (number of goals scored in the match - under / over a set number) Scorer bets (players who scored in the game: first goal scorer, last goal scorer, anytime scorer) Correct Score (bets on the correct score), number of goals (bets on the number of goals scored in the match), Asian Handicap (12 or 1x2 betting with a handicap included), or qualifications and tournament winners, and many other combinations (Scorecast - combination of Goal Scorer and Correct Score).

Value of bets can be very small. You can bet even with 0.5 USD (or 0.01 EUR). These are the minimum values, while maximum values are pushed up as much as possible, so you can make a bet of even 20,000 EUR!

Betting odds that you will find will be in three formats specific to different markets. For Romania, you can view in European format (or decimal). Thus, you will find rates like 2.0, 3.15, etc.. Earnings are calculated using the current bet amount multiplied by the odds. Thus, if we take an example where you place a bet of 10 EUR on odds 20.0 Scorecast, you can earn 200 EUR. I took as an example the Scorecast market because is a great bet type that allows you to bet on the same match on correct score and goal scorer, on same betting ticket (it's pretty easy to match with a first goal scorer with the correct score - depending on your skills to predict - and result is at the most favorable odds as possible). Scorecast bets can be found at Gamebookers, PartyBets and betway.

Combi bets are also possible. You can bet on more games on the same ticket, and the odds of each individual match will be multiplied to get the final winnings odds. Thus, if you bet on a match at the odds 2.0 and another match at odds 3.0, on the same ticket, the final winnings odds will be 2.0 x 3.0 = 6.0. Some agencies such as Gamebookers and PartyBets offers a special offer called Hot Combo bets that are enhanced with up to 30%.

Live bets are also part of online gaming. All agencies featured offers live betting platform. This means that you can sit with your laptop / PC in front when a match is played and you can bet on that game (who will score the next goal, who will win, etc..). Live betting odds will change dynamically depending on the game (the team to score and take leadership, etc. ..). Also, agencies such as Unibet and betway also offer live online streaming that lets you see the match on the internet and bet on it in the same window.

Resources for sports betting: