How to Deposit for Online Sports Betting

As we need money in order to bet with online betting agencies, we have listed a few steps below that will help make a first deposit without risk. We know the feeling of insecurity faced by all of us at the beginning, especially when it deals with money, which is why we've listed some tips to be followed to protect yourself.

1. First, open an account with one of the online bookmakers. When opening an account use real and accurate details otherwise your account will be suspended and closed. Personal details used will be checked by the betting agency with your first deposit. If you use false or wrong information the deposit will be invalidated. Email address must be correct because you also receive email with instructions on completion of registration and bonus details. Note that bookmakers use encryption technologies that will protect your details online, and in addition to these, your details will be protected by law.

2. You need a credit card to make the deposit (debit or credit card). Almost any card will work online, but it's better to check these details with the issuing bank. Our recommendations are to use a VISA card (Classic or Electron), but Maestro / Mastercard will also be good. Currency of your card is insignificant (even if you have a card in EUR, you can make deposits in USD or GBP).

3. Login to your account and go to section Deposit Money (Deposit Money). Here fill in the required fields (the amount you wish to deposit, card number, name on card, expiration date, card type - Visa / Maestro, and CCV code - on the back of the card there are some numbers next to the signature on the white band - CCV is the code of the last three digits of that number). Warning : Do not reveal your PIN number - in online transactions this code will never be asked. Once you have completed the fields correctly, click the button to continue and in 30 seconds the transaction will be finalized and the money will be instantly available in the betting account.

4. At this stage you can already begin betting. Check the betting offer, select the bet you want to make, enter the amount you wish to wager and confirm your bet. Bet amount will be automatically taken from the money available in your betting account, in the limit of the cash deposit and bonus.